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95% of world trade happens outside of the borders of the USA.  If you are not focused on international trade, you should be.. 

Westpac International Trade can help you develop a plan for being New To Export or New To Market, and then finding and applying the correct resources. 


Our Global Network

Westpac has industry focus in Food and Beverage/ FMCG, and now in Construction Materials.   Asian Pacific Countries, which account for a market population of over 3 billion people, including China and India,  is our specialty.  The APAC country markets, are all growing in the 5-7% per annum GDP,  and they want new import  products to enhance their lives.  

We have developed an in-depth contact base via a strong investment in networking and travel to the region.   

If you are a foreign country supplier, wanting to penetrate the North American markets of the US, Canada and Mexico, we can help with that too. 

While based in the USA, we also have a field representative  in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. 


Your Resource for Expansion

Being successful in developing international distribution takes an investment by the brand holder.  This means investment in the proper research, planning, travel to the potential markets, making the contacts and vetting for the right partners, pricing, negotiating, closing the sale, and providing the right support programs.  You also need to get paid.  We can help be your representative in almost all foreign markets, to successfully navigate the global opportunities, which also means helping you avoid costly mistakes. 

International Sales are indeed complex, but once you develop a good customer base, the profits can well be much more lucrative that by your crowded domestic marketplace, and being international with your brand, will boost the overall value of your company. 

So contact Westpac International Trade today, to discover what the world can offer your company!


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